I wasn’t much of a “sunglasses-girl” until…

I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time shelving out more than $12.99 on something that will likely be squashed or lost by the end of the next park visit. Then one day on the North Shore of Hawaii my life changed forever.


I tried on a pair of these bad boys… LIFETIME warranty. SOOO comfortable. Totally affordable! Cute too, huh? (just fyi- this company makes shades in every style you can imagine…)

IMG_6613 crop

So I brought them home, vowing to make a habit of protecting my eyes that summer. Easy, peasy with these! I loved wearing them and found myself less “worn-out” by an afternoon in the sun. Miraculously, I still had them in my possession a year after buying them (I have a tendency to lose things :/ ).

Then, one evening, the inevitable happened with our crazy life: I rolled all my lbs on top of them on the picnic blanket, and they snapped.

By the time I got around to pulling out the warranty paperwork from the filing cabinet, I’d lost the half that broke off… But I sent in the half I had, quite hopeful they’d still give me a replacement. They seemed like a cool company… and I was right! Within ‘bout 10 days, this is what arrived!


So, I was lucky to have found this unheard-of company that makes a great pair of shades that didn’t cost a small fortune (and actually honors their warranty).

There’s actually a FASCINATING reason behind it: Almost every brand of mid-to-high-end eyewear (glasses too) is all designed, manufactured, and sold by ONE italian company! 60 Minutes did a super-interesting 13 minute report on the company:


These glasses (as far as I can tell) are not made by Luxottica, but rather, just Peppers USA out of Pennsylvania. They have TONS of really cute styles.


And Now… for the top 7 reasons to wear sunglasses:

7) Prevent wrinkles around the eye since you don’t have to squint!

6) Sunglasses help prevent macular degeneration, cataracts, skin cancer of the eyelids/ surrounding skin, and sunburn of the eye: which can feel like sand is stuck in your eye…ummmm- i’d rather not!

5) You can just see more comfortably and clearly with a good pair of polarized shades. Which should make you less “crabby” at the beach, right? no pun intended 😉 (less headaches and eye-strain).

4) They can hide what your eyes are actually doing: “No, that commercial did not just make me tear up….” and “No, I wasn’t dozing off at all!..”

3) You can hide red eyes from allergies, sappy romantic movie nights, or just a really hard night with the kids.

2) Safety when driving, skiing, biking, etc. They reduce glare, dust and little bugs from getting in your eye. Exposure to 2-3 hours of bright sun during the day can make driving at night more hazardous because your eyes have a harder time adjusting to the lack of light.

1) They can make you look like a super-attractive celebrity!

See more at: http://connect.ons.org/ons-connect-blog/top-10-reasons-why-sunglasses-are-more-than-just-a-fashion-accessory#sthash.kdf5vtHe.dpuf

My dad has an assignment: pick out a pair so I can mail him some for his birthday! If he likes ‘em half as much as I do, it will be a gifting success!

Do you have a favorite glasses brand? Seriously- I would love to know of other companies that make a great pair of shades.

*Another cool (not-part-of-the-eyewear-monopoly) company you can check out is Warby Parker. if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses (about $95 with lenses)- they’ll ship you 5 pairs to try on for free (plus donate a pair to someone in need when you buy). Warby Parker (super cute video in the link; I watched it like 5 times).

Good news!  PeppersUSA agreed to give readers a discount!  You can get your own pair of these awesome glasses for 20% off with the coupon code SHADE1220.  Just enter at checkout. 


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