Launching… Spring 2016

Something fabulous is at the horizon… and I can’t wait until it’s all real! I am working with 5+ other mothers that are all quite different, but we all have one thing in common: we value a healthy, happy home.

fb logo

So- we feel the need to create a site that we can work on as a passion and let it grow! So I will keep you posted, but mommy convos is coming soon!!!

For now though… this is what we are still looking for:

1) A “Design Mom” that can help our website look beautiful! We really need someone to help us build up the site- right now we’re keeping it pretty simple and easy with a template, but we really would love to have someone with photography credentials/talent that can be the visual cheif to make sure all photos and fonts look professional and relevant. She can put a stamp on all photos, help with printables, and and anything else she’d like to do. *We’ll need to do photo shoots here and there for some posts (this could be done by the design mom or someone else)…
2) A “Tech Mom” that can get training from the blog conference webinars and elsewhere on how to grow our readership. She’d be in charge of SEO, email list, help on the business/moneymaking end (possibly thru amazon or etsy), and be the ongoing “site” manager to make our site stand out as a community blog that everyone can contribute to making healthier, happier homes.
3) We could also use another contributor mom (or 2) that could commit to writing some really strong, helpful posts regularly (twice a month or more).
4) We can always use sponsors, so if you hear of any small businesses that would appeal to this demographic that would be interested in doing giveaways or sponsoring posts, send ’em our way!





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